About Cavin Kare Ranganathan

Yesterday let’s talk session was too curiosity for me to see whom will be the person today in the video? Then You played Unnal mudiyum Vijay tv show – Entrepreneur of Cavin Kare Ranganathan. His success and struggle story behind Cavin Kare group was makes so wondered and very inspiration to listen his speech.
Still now he is so open minded to learn new things from all and go for training to mold his business into the next level. His never give up attitude was quite impressive. His Self English learning story was so interesting and make me so energetic. About his father and his revolution about the sashay production reaches all over the world. So proud to hear that this revolution has created by Thamizhan
His tactics and insights about his 16 brands reached so popular all over the India. His rules and disciplines that he followed by priorities (Customer, Employee, Vendor, Bank, Government, Entrepreneur) is really hats off to him. His strategies to sell his first product is “Chik” shampoo and marketing the product shows lots of case studies for us. Every person who having the attitude to become an Entrepreneur must watch this video.
Again office serial vishwanathan video about Purpose of recruitment and promotion, attitude of the Employee. Every HR must watch this video. The meaning of attitude – Continuous pattern of behavior. Attitude is good for each and every person when it is not affects the company rules. The same “Adapt to the purpose” this is what we have started doing in our company. 

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