Happiest day in our office – Black marlin Hackathon

It was a wonderful experience on Saturday (4th April 2015). Almost entire Cogzians were participated in that Hackathon. I have absorbed lots of happiest things on that event particularly team work. All participants enjoyed the working environment. They don’t feel tired till the end of the event.

That was a great chance to proof team work of our Avengers team. We have given the best but still some flaws was there and I am very confident we will plan and rock on next Hackathon. Not only Avengers Testing and Development team did their best effort into the event. Atlast we have reached almost near our target but we missed in this Hackathon.

Kamali and Ragavan had more interest to give guest performance and they did well. Great singing by Kamali and Ragavan. Inbetween our Avengers team & Yokesh also performed and change the environment more happy. Really its good to work by listening our favorite song.

I am sure this is our first step of our Success. Damn sure we will definitely win the next Hackathon and waiting for next event (18th Apr 2015).


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